Investment Scheme

Swiftlet Eco Park Berhad is a Malaysian Public Limited company and a member of the Swiftlet Eco Park Group of Companies. Its principal activities involve the management of the ESRIS Scheme, conducting research as well as ensuring development for the Group.

The Group has a paid-up capital of over RM10 million and its subsidiaries are involved in the planning, development, marketing, construction and management of the Group’s customed-built and licensed swiftlet farms. They are Malaysia’s first developer to build purposed-built swiftlet ranching farms with proper approval from relevant authorities. It first project in Manjung, Perak was developed in collaboration with the Perak State Development Corporation. Its success has become the model for future licensed custom-built farms and attracted other state authorities who have expressed interest. Following inspections of the project, these states have started to initiate similar collaborations with the Group.

Commercially, the Manjung project is seen as the future direction for sustainable development of the swiftlet ranching industry. Its launch attracted much interest from existing players who have been operating without a license. Each phase of the launch was sold out due to strategic planning. The plan is to avoid overbuilding in only one area, for this will affect the production of bird’s nest.

To date, the Group is developing 14 other similar projects all over Malaysia; it targets to complete 25 projects with 1,000 licensed buildings over the next 3 years at a gross development value of RM500 million.

Other than upstream activities of swiftlet ranching, the Group is also involved in downstream businesses such as the collection and buying of raw bird’s nest and its processing. It has also branched out into manufacturing, branding, wholesale, retail, direct selling, setting up chain stores in addition to research and development.

“The first licensed swiftlet ranching farm developed by the Group is in Manjung, Perak. This is a joint venture with the Perak State Development Corporation and was completed in 2009. It is the first of its kind to be awarded the Good Animal Husbandry Practice (GAHP) certificate in Malaysia. Ranching activities have started and the result achieved is very encouraging.”


The Group is in collaboration with the International Medical University and Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre to conduct scientific research and development in the nutritional, beauty and health benefits of edible bird’s nest. This is a very important step for the Group as any significant scientific breakthrough in extracting the healing properties of edible bird’s nest for the treatment of illnesses will benefit mankind considerably.

The Group’s achievements have been given due recognition with several awards namely, Winner of “2009/2010 Asia Pacific Top 25 Excellence Brand Award”, “2009 Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award – Excellence Emerging Entrepreur” and “SME Recognition Award 2009 – SME Rising Star Award”.

The Group aspires to be Malaysia’s single largest holistic player in the swiftlet ranching and the edible bird’s nest industry and has set its sights on becoming the first of such a player to be listed on a stock exchange.


Malaysia first Legalized Edible-Birdnest Swiftlet Ranching Share Farming Interest Scheme

The Edible-Bird’s Nest (EBN) Swiftlet Ranching Interest Scheme (the “ESRIS Scheme/the Scheme”) is the first swiftlet ranching business licensed by the Malaysian government and an investment scheme approved by Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). It is considered a low risk investment with expected high returns.

Swiftlet ranching activities are only viable in the South-East Asia region. As such, the ESRIS Scheme introduced by Swiftlet Eco Park Berhad is not only the first in Malaysia, but probably the only one in the world. Swiftlet Eco Park Berhad (SEPB), the promoter of the Scheme endeavours to employ professionals and adopt  a systematic approach to developing swiftlet ranching and edible bird’s nest industries on a large scale by pooling the resources generated under the ESRIS Scheme.

Swiftlet Eco Park Group’s core activities involve the planning, developing, marketing, construction and management of swiftlet ranches, in addition to collecting, processing, research & development, branding, and providing wholesale and retail (direct or otherwise) outlets of edible bird’s nests and other related products. In view of the great speed of development of swiftlet ranching and bird’s nest industries, SEPB aims to ensure that the growth of these industries is sustainable.

In line with Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak’s concept of 1Malaysia, the launch of this Scheme will enable all Malaysians to participate in the thriving swiftlet ranching business and edible bird’s nest industry